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Empty Capsule Size Chart

Wondering what size capsule you need to purchase for encapsulating your supplement dosage? Don’t worry, you're not alone. We are frequently asked this question and have put together this sizing chart for your convenience. After all, no one wants to buy the wrong size capsules and have to return them. So which empty capsules do you need to buy, size 0, size 000, size 1? Check out our helpful size chart to find out. 


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Empty Capsule Size
Capsule Size00000E000E012345
Empty Capsule Weight (Gelatin)
Average Weight (mg)158143123107997661483828
Empty Capsule Weight (Vegetarian)
Average Weight (mg)1631521361071057963504030
Empty Capsule Volume Capacity (ml)
Empty Capsule Weight Capacity by Formulation Density (mg)
Formulation Density
0.6 g/ml82260054046840828821616212078
0.8 g/ml1096800720624544384288216160104
1.0 g/ml13701000900780680480360270200130
1.2 g/ml164412001080936816576432324240156
Empty Capsule Overall Closed Length
Tolerance  (mm)±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.4
Tolerance inches±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.016
Empty Capsule Individual Lengths (Cap)
Cap (mm)12.9512.9511.8011.6810.859.858.808.007.206.20
Cap (inches)0.5100.5100.4640.4600.4270.3880.3460.3150.2830.244
Empty Capsule Individual Lengths (Body)
Body (mm)22.2022.2020.2220.1918.3516.4015.1513.4512.109.30
Body (inches)0.8790.8790.7960.7950.7220.6450.5960.5290.4760.366
Empty Capsule External Diameter
Cap (mm)9.918.588.567.657.646.966.395.855.334.91
Cap (inches)0.3900.3380.3370.3010.3010.2740.2520.2300.2100.193
Body (mm)9.558.258.237.367.356.636.
Body (inches)0.3750.3760.3220.2890.2890.2900.2400.2200.2000.184
Empty Capsule Quantity Per Case
Capsules Per Box50,00065,00075,00090,000100,000125,000175,000200,000250,000350,000
How to read Capsuline’s Empty Capsule Size Chart
  • Capsule Weight - The total weight of the capsule, measured in milligrams (mg).
  • Volume Capacity - The total volume of the inside of the capsule in milliliters (ml) - Note 1 milliliter(ml) = 1 gram(g).
  • Weight Capacity by Formulation - The total weight capacity of the capsule measured in milligrams(mg) depending on the density of your formulation. 
  • Overall Closed Length - The total length of the capsule when it is fully closed and locked.
  • Individual Lengths -  Measures both the body and the cap of the capsule’s in both millimeters and inches. The Body is the longer part of the capsule that is filled with your material. The Cap is shorter than the body and is placed over the body to form a complete capsule.
  • External Diameter - The total diameter of both the body and the cap.
  • Tolerance - The allowable variance in dimensions that is allowed prior to a product being considered flawed and/or unfit for sale.