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Capsuline Clear Gelatin Empty Capsules Size 000

Quick Overview

Our clear gelatin capsules are made with BSE-free, 100% bovine pharmaceutical gelatin, and they are both Kosher Pareve and Halal certified.

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Clear gelatin capsules are the perfect choice when you want to be able to show off the color and texture of the (non-light sensitive) contents of your pill. With these clear gel capsules you can highlight the deep greens of your herbs or the purity of your formulation all while masking unpleasant tastes and odors. Available in a full range of sizes, from large gelatin capsules 000 to the much smaller size 4 gelatin capsules, all made with BSE-free 100% bovine pharmaceutical gelatin, and both Kosher Pareve and Halal certified. Running a manufacturing facility? All of the empty capsules for sale at provide significant production advantages over tablets. With gelatin capsules you get a simpler manufacturing process with less manufacturing equipment, has fewer production steps, and requires fewer analytical tests. Plus, consumers prefer hard gelatin capsules versus tablets because they are so much easier to swallow.

Additional Information

Capsule Size & Approximate Volume5 = 78 mg. - 156 mg.
4 = 120 mg. - 240 mg.
3 = 150 mg. - 300 mg.
2 = 200 mg. - 400 mg.
1 = 300 mg. - 600 mg.
0 = 400 mg. - 800 mg.
0E = 462 mg. - 924 mg.
00 = 600 mg. - 1100 mg.
000 = 800 mg. - 1600 mg.
Capsule Size000