GelTees™ Golf Tees


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Product Description

Capsuline is proud and excited to announce that we are going green!

Our newest product is a Golf Tee Composed entirely of gelatin; GelTees™ golf tees are perfect for golfers who want to stay green while aiming for the green. By picking up the newest innovation golfers are able to stay eco-friendly on the links: GelTee™ the first biodegradable golf tee provides you with an innovative alternative to the traditional wooden tees and non-environmentally friendly plastic tees. Our tees are made so that they decompose just a few days after coming into contact with the sun, water and even just the moisture from the ground.

By playing with our GelTees™ Golf Tees you will not only help fight deforestation, as millions of trees are cut down every year in order to satisfy the demand for wooden tees, but you will also lend a hand with golf course maintenance.

Capsuline's™ innovative GelTees™ have become A Greener Way to Golf!

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