Capsuline® - 180 Capsule Filler Machine - Size 4


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Product Description

For larger quantities, this model is our best value! Saves time and effort for moderate to large quantities. Additional encapsulator sheets "000" thru "4" are available here.


  • 180 capsule filler machine
  • Encapsulating sheet of selected capsule size
  • One set of sticks per encapsulating sheet. (Size of the stick will match size of capsules being filled)
  • Tamping tool
  • Spatula for even distribution of the ingredients
  • 3000 free capsules of your choice
  • Easy-to-Understand instructions or download them here

    Capsuline® Inc. complies with all U.S. government regulatory requirements. As specified in the Code of Federal Regulations, we require proof of identification (i.e drivers' license, passport) for the sale of all capsule filling devices. Sec. 1310.07 21 CFR Ch.11 (4-1-04 Edition).

    **UPDATED: As of August 13th, 2013 two forms of identification are required for purchases of any Capsuline filling device, one of which has to be a Driver's License for Domestic purchases and Passport for International. Both forms of identification must list the same address as the billing address on the order.

    Additionally we can only ship orders containing filling machines to your billing address for more information you can view the complete code of regulations here. (

    Order will ship out next business day after receiving and verifying your ID
    *If ID is not received within 30 days orders will be automatically cancelled

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