Ginseng Powder (American) - 1lb (0.45kg)


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Product Description
The constituents in American Ginseng include ginsenosides, kaempferol, beta-sitosterol, campesterols, fatty acids, saponin, stigmasterol, calcium, choline, fiber, and vitamins. Ginsenosides have shown stimulatory and inhibitory effects on the central nervous system, besides the ability to alter cardiovascular tone, increase humoral and cellular-dependent immunity, and inhibit the growth of cancer. Panax ginseng shows antioxidant properties by improving nitric oxide synthesis in endothelium of the heart, lung, kidneys, and in the corpus cavernosum.

Historical or traditional use:
Although less studied than its Asian counterpart, American Ginseng has been used to treat many ailments for hundreds of years.
  • Overall tonic: It improves mental and physical vigor improving strength and endurance. It can aid in the reduction of cholesterol and high blood pressure, and inhibit the growth of malignant tumors. Its antioxidant properties protect against cell damage.
  • Adaptogen: It is attributed the ability to normalize body functions during stressful situations aiding the body to adapt and return to an overall sense of well-being.
  • Aphrodisiac: Ginseng has been used to restore sex drive in men. It is thought to alter the action of dopamine in the brain, while not aggravating prostate disorder since it does not increasing testosterone.

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