DogCaps™ Beef Flavored Capsules Size 1 Pack


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Product Description
DOGCaps™ makes giving medicine to your dog an easy task. DOGCaps™ consist of gelatin capsules in bacon flavoring. Their flavorful coating will mask the smell of any type of dog medicine, so your canine will enjoy consuming the capsule and medication. Each capsule has a size 0 design, which is one of our smaller gelatin capsule options. Try DOGCaps™ and be amazed how your dog enjoys taking medication.

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Cap mm
Body mm
Closed Length
External Diameter
Cap mm
Body mm
Capsule Weight


1 tsp
1 tbsp
0.6 g/ml mg
0.8 g/ml mg
1.0 g/ml mg
1.2 g/ml mg
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