Colored Gelatin Capsules Size 3 Green/Blue


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Product Description
Our gelatin capsules are 100% hide gelatin and completely BSE-free. They are perfect
for a number of uses, including powder, vitamins or herbs.


  • Pharmaceutical-grade gelatin
  • 100% BSE-free
  • 100% hide gelatin, derived from animal skin
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • Safety Information
  • Do not fill capsules with liquid, as it can cause capsules to dissolve.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, hot water or high temperatures.
  • Doses may differ depending on the type and amount of filling in each capsule.
    Cap mm
    Body mm
    Closed Length
    External Diameter
    Cap mm
    Body mm
    Capsule Weight


    1 tsp
    1 tbsp
    0.6 g/ml mg
    0.8 g/ml mg
    1.0 g/ml mg
    1.2 g/ml mg
    Capsule Specifications(Click a size)
    Capsule Sizes  

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