Two-Piece Liquid-Filled Hard Capsules

A number of development and innovations in filling two-piece capsules with liquids has prompted the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries to consider liquid-filled hard capsules as a viable alternative to other solid dosage forms.

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Key Advantages

Liquid-filled hard capsules represent a faster speed to market and the ability to accommodate difficult-to-formulate active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), such as those with poor solubility.

Capsuline’s Position

Capsuline has successfully developed liquid-filled capsules for the following ingredients: Omega-3 fish oils; Vitamin A; Valerian Roots; Melatonin; CoQ10; Vitamin E; Ginkgo biloba, and many others. Whether you choose liquid, powder, or pellet filled capsules, Capsuline has a solution to fit your every need. To enquire about Capsuline’s all-inclusive co-branding and white-label solutions, please contact us.

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